CoinPlace FAQ
General Questions
  • What is a cryptocurrency?

    A cryptocurrency is a digital currency based on cryptographic methods. It functions using the blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies have no physical analogs and exist only in virtual space.

  • What is a token?

    A token is a digital asset issued by a company to raise funds for launching and developing a project. Tokens may be accessed via specialized apps that require electronic signature.

    Company tokens represent a company’s obligation to provide services, pay dividends, and/or grant other bonuses to a customer in exchange for invested funds.

  • What is a smart contract?

    A smart contract is a computer algorithm for execution and maintenance of commercial contracts based on the blockchain technology. Parties to smart contracts can exchange assets directly without intermediaries. The purpose of smart contracts is to provide higher levels of safety than traditional contractual laws and to reduce other transaction costs associated with entering into contracts.

  • What are ICO and Pre-ICO?

    ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a fundraising mechanism that provides for the sale of a company’s tokens for virtual/fiat currencies. ICO is a crowdfunding model: its participants finance a company’s development to gain profit in the future.

    The term “Pre-ICO” indicates a period of time that precedes fundraising. Its task is to test the demand for the project, analyze community interest, and expand marketing budget before ICO starts.

  • What is a crowdfunding campaign?

    It is a mechanism of raising funds for the implementation of projects, charity work, organization of events, support of businesses, etc. Crowdfunding is divided into 3 models by the type of remuneration offered to investors: no rewards (donations), non-financial rewards (see Kickstarter), and financial rewards (Crowdinvesting).

About CoinPlace Platform

  • What is CoinPlace?

    CoinPlace is the first world platform for direct P2P trading of ICO tokens and cryptocurrencies. The main function of the platform is to allow a customer to purchase digital assets for fiat currencies.

    CoinPlace publishes crypto asset sale ads; buyers find the best offers and negotiate a deal with the seller directly on the platform. Moreover, the transaction takes place online. The mission of the CoinPlace platform is to make the cryptocurrency market more accessible, transparent, and user-friendly.

  • What is the difference between CoinPlace and other P2P services?

    There are other P2P services for the exchange of cryptoassets in the market, but they offer a limited range of operations. LocalBitcoins, LocalEthereum, LocalMonero, Paxful, Qvolta, and Cryptolocator platforms work with only one currency (BTC or ETH). The advantage of CoinPlace is its capacity for the exchange of many different types of cryptocurrencies, including fiat currencies.

    CoinPlace platform maintain a several payment services:

    • Bank wire
    • Credit card
    • Quasi-cash tools
    • Contact and Western Union systems
    • Advcash
    • SWIFT
    • Qiwi, webmoney
    • E-money, PayPal, etc.
  • What is the difference between CoinPlace and stock exchanges?

    A stock exchange is a legal intermediary between a buyer and a seller. It undertakes operative costs associated with regulation and taxation of fiat currencies. Stock exchange trading is an expensive and often slow process. Our platform offers direct money transactions. CoinPlace is not an intermediary but a guarantor that renders cryptocurrency transfer services. Being a P2P service, it does not depend on bank regulation norms and does not incur additional expenses. This is where its key difference lies.

    Moreover, unlike stock exchanges, even major transactions in our platform cause no rate fluctuations.

  • Whom is CoinPlace for?

    Token owners: CoinPlace allows ones to quickly purchase crypto assets for fiat money and choose convenient means of payment (a bank transfer to an account or a bank card, PayPal, etc).

    ICO organizers: They can register an ICO project on the platform and start selling tokens. After the completion of ICO the tokens will continue trading in CoinPlace. As tokens may be purchased for fiat money (different national currencies), companies that enter the ICO stage will be able to effectively attract the audience that does not use crypto assets yet but is interested in purchasing tokens.

    Crypto assets owners: Now they can carry out operations with numerous crypto assets within one P2P site. Unlike stock exchanges, we set no trading volume limits, do not charge payments for crediting and withdrawal of funds, and do not make you wait long.

    Newcomers: CoinPlace lets those who are new to cryptocurrencies buy any cryptoassets directly from sellers and pay fiat money by convenient means (with your bank card, PayPal, etc.)

    CoinPlace offers advantages for a wide range of users.

  • What do I need to register?

    Just an e-mail address.

CoinPlace ICO

Buying and Selling CPL tokens
  • How many CPL tokens will be issued, and how can I use them?

    We will issue 35,000,000 tokens.
    You can use CPL tokens to pay for additional services on the platform:

    • Placement of advertisements (ICO, cryptocurrency services and portals);
    • Getting priority rights (e.g. faster verification, arbitration, etc.);
    • Promotion of your advertisements.
    The list of services may be expanded.

  • How can I buy CPL tokens?

    ICO is carried out in CoinPlace platform on the website at the following URL: Register on our website to take part in the trading. On the sale day you can buy CPL tokens on our website and pay with BTC, ETH or fiat money. If you use a fiat currency, tokens will be placed on the platform. Please see further details on our website.

  • What bonuses do I get from buying CPL tokens?

    Early buyers receive bonuses on the Pre-ICO stage (December 5 (3:00 PM UTC) – December 31 (3:00 PM UTC), 2017). The value of the bonuses depends on the amount of funds raised by the moment of the token sale.

    ETH equivalent Bonus value
    1,000 50%
    1,000-2,000 45%
    2,000-3,000 40%

    We also offer a volume-based bonus for major buyers.

    ETH volume Bonus value
    From 5 to 20 3%
    From 20 to 50 5%
    From 50 to 200 7%
    Over 200 10%
  • Will CPL tokens be available on crypto exchanges? Where will they be sold after the end of official sales?

    We plan to place CPL tokens on crypto exchanges. Now we are carrying on negotiations with representatives of different services and websites. Basic placement of CPL tokens is already secured by our platform.

ICO Placement on CoinPlace Platform

Buying Crypto assets on CoinPlace

  • How is the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies formed on CoinPlace platform?

    CoinPlace is a service for peer-to-peer trading, therefore the platform itself does not influence the rates. A seller may set any price he or she wants. However, we will motivate the sellers to make the prices at least one cent lower than those on stock exchanges. This way the platform will help the buyers make the rates dynamic by linking them to stock exchange rates.

  • What is your withdrawal commission? What other commissions are charged by your platform?

    The crediting of funds is free. Commissions may be charged only by the networks themselves (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) for the processing of your transaction. The same is true for withdrawal.

  • How can I pay for tokens?

    You can pay for tokens using ETH or BTC via If you want to purchase tokens for the main types of fiat currencies (P2P sale by agents in different countries of the world), please visit

  • I have never bought a cryptocurrency before. I only have some money on my bank card. What should I do?
    1. Go to
    2. Select your country.
    3. Search for a seller that is ready to accept a transfer from your bank card or account.
    4. Exchange funds in accordance with the rules of the service.
  • Can I use any fiat currency to pay for cryptocurrencies? Are there any limitations on certain national currencies?

    There are no limitations on national currencies. We are ready to accept any currency provided the national legislation of its country does not prohibit operations with cryptocurrencies. However, demand in a country depends on whether there are sellers in it.

  • What is the rate of your transaction commission?

    We do not charge commissions from the buyers of our tokens. As for other cryptocurrencies, additional payments are charged in accordance with service tariffs listed in the Tariffs section. Unlike on stock exchanges, in our platform commissions are charged by only one party of a transaction.

  • What does the transaction procedure look like?

    A transaction starts with an offer.

    1. A buyer or a seller creates an offer on the platform and sets out the terms.
    2. The service saves the terms.
    3. The buyer or the seller receives a proposition to enter into an escrow transaction.
    4. Having received a proposition, the buyer or the seller may accept, refuse from, or amend it.
    5. If the proposition is accepted, the digital asset that is a subject of the transaction is frozen.
    6. A transaction is created. The service waits for both participants to confirm its completion or violation of its terms.
    7. If both parties confirm successful completion, frozen funds are transferred as directed.
    8. If both parties decide to cancel the transaction, or its time is over, guarantee payments are returned to the parties.
    9. If one of the parties confirms the fulfillment of transaction terms, and the other one claims violation of its terms, a transaction is considered disputable.
    10. In this case an arbitration procedure is initiated. A disputable transaction is moderated by the arbitrator of the platform. His task is to request the data from each of the users and to decide whether any payment was made. Arbitration results in transferring digital assets to one of the parties and in a rating change or removal of the guilty party from the platform.
  • How would I know whether I have successfully bought tokens if both Bitcoin and Ethereum networks are overloaded?

    You will receive an e-mail notification. If it does not come within 8 hours, please contact our support service. We take network overloads into account, and your transaction will be completed anyway, but there might be a little delay.

  • Can I resell tokens while they are officially sold on the website?

    This option is only available to verified users that undertake an obligation to trade tokens and follow our partner relation rules. In order to become a partner, please visit the relevant section of our site or contact our support service. Please note that partners can only buy tokens using cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin or Ethereum) and resell them for fiat money. To learn more about the terms of such transactions, please visit the Partners section on

  • I already have a wallet with cryptocurrencies on another platform. Can I use it to buy tokens? What wallet will they be transferred to – my own one or the one on CoinPlace?

    You can use a third party wallet to buy tokens only if it is based on Ethereum. This way you can buy cryptocurrencies by transferring Ethereum to the smart contract address. If your wallet does not support this protocol, you will have to transfer the cryptocurrency to our service or to pay with fiat money. In this case tokens will be stored in your CoinPlace wallet.

Resolution of Disputes
  • Who resolves disputes and how?

    If you have a problem with a buyer or a seller, a CoinPlace arbitrator becomes involved. The arbitrator is already in the system, so there is no need to apply for additional services.

    The parties provide the arbitrator with the data about their actions, and the arbitrator make a decision to either confirm or decline a transaction.

    Dispute resolution procedure:

    • A guarantee deposit is not returned to the parties until they come to terms.
    • If the parties fail to agree, any of them can file a claim with the platform’s internal arbitration system.
    • Having considered the claim, an arbitrator makes a decision to transfer the currency from the deposit to one of the parties.
  • I would like to file a claim against an arbitrator or the platform. What should I do?

    To file a claim against an arbitrator or a complaint about the work of the system, use a special form on the website. You can also send your claims to [email protected].

  • Do I need to pay for the arbitrator’s work during dispute resolution?

    No, no payments are required.

  • Can I challenge an arbitrator’s decision?

    If you have enough information, you can file a complaint against an arbitrator’s work. If we find out that an arbitrator does not keep up with his or her responsibilities, all his or her decisions will be reconsidered. We reserve the right to keep such an arbitrator in the project or terminate his or her participation.

    To file a complaint against an arbitrator’s work, please use the support service on our website.

  • What happens to frozen cryptocurrency if a payment is not made?

    If a payment is not successfully completed, the funds will automatically return to the user’s wallet.

System Safety
  • Why is CoinPlace safe?

    Service mechanics: two-factor authentication is used to confirm any important action including the crediting of funds. Authentication is switched off during registration and small initial transactions, but becomes mandatory later on. The main confirmation instrument is a Telegram bot (similar to a bank SMS service). Google Authenticator is also available.

    Protection from attacks: we protect and test our web-site for vulnerability using third-party services (such as Defectify). CloudFlare secures it from DDoS and other online attacks

    Cluster server system: even if one or several servers malfunction or are hacked, the system will ensure smooth operation. Our servers are located in different countries and data centers for advanced data safety.

    Machine Learning by Microsoft Azure is used among other security solutions to identify suspicious actions in a user’s account, detect frauds, and optimize system operation.

  • Will I receive e-mail notifications from the platform?

    If you agree to receive project news, CoinPlace will send you notifications. Please remember that e-mail is not a reliable source of information and may be tampered by criminals. We suggest using safer means of communication, such as Telegram.

  • Will anyone have access to my personal data in CoinPlace?

    Only the employees in charge of arbitration and only in case of a dispute. Access will be denied for other employees and users.

  • Are CoinPlace tokens compliant with regulatory norms?

    Yes. We have conducted a legal review and can assure that CoinPlace complies with the norms regulating initial token offering on ICO and Pre-ICO stages. Howey test showed that CPL tokens are not securities and do not require registration, and our legal advisors can confirm that.

  • Can CoinPlace be blocked?

    The platform is not a subject to political risks as it does not act as an intermediary for the customers’ funds. In other words, there is no CoinPlace account that might be blocked by any government. If a country authorizes transfers between individuals (including those abroad), CoinPlace will work there.

  • I haven’t found an answer to my question. whom should I ask?

    Please send your question to [email protected], and we will answer it.

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